Counselor’s Corner – Week of 3/1/2021

Posted on March 2, 2021
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Counselor Corner – Week of 3/1/2021

★     Thank you Blankenburg Family for your continued support of our Scholars! If you need support in regards to Interim Reports, please reach out!

★     The theme for Middle School lessons next week: Women’s History and Important Laws.

★     The theme for Elementary School lessons next week: Women’s History and Confidence.

★     We are still contacting recommendations for the Calm Cat Tier II Intervention. If you have any new recommendations that were not discussed during MTSS, please email Counselor Justice at

★     We are still looking for students for the Uplift program to support our scholars in grief. If you have any Scholars who have experienced a loss, please text/call or email us so we can reach out. Groups are expected to start on March 1.

★     We are continuing our teacher check-ins. Hop into our links anytime between 2:45 pm – 3:09 pm if you have any questions, concerns or simply need to talk. We are here to support our scholars and all our Blankenburg family.

February Theme: Patience